Strawberry Playhouse

A  theatre that encourages self-expression  through performance art.
Lucille Fala-Brennan, founder and her Playhouse group are dedicated to serving the best interests of our community by serving with dedication, dignity and professionalism.

Have you ever dreamed of being on stage, or perhaps behind the scenes building props or directing a group of actors toward a common goal? 

We are always looking for volunteers and participants of all ages (youth and adult) to participate in our theatre productions. Give us a call if you would like to act or be a part of any aspect of a live theatre production.

60 Church Street

P.O. Box 267

Tuscarora PA



For information and tickets please call 570-325-4368 or

Make all checks payable to       J&L Productions

GPS Alert: 60 Church St, Schuylkill Township


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October 16th, 17th, 23rd, and 24th- 7:30 pm

October 18th and 25th- 2:00 pm

Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award.

"All the elements come invigoratingly together like clockwork in John Patrick Shanley's provocative new play, DOUBT, a gripping story of suspicion cast on a priest's behavior that is less about scandal than about fascinatingly nuanced questions of moral certainty. Something rare for this season: a laudable new American play."


"#1 show of the year. How splendid it feels to be

trusted with such passionate, exquisite ambiguity unlike anything we have seen from this prolific

playwright so far. Blunt yet subtle, manipulative but full of empathy for all sides, the play is set

in 1964 but could not be more timely. In just ninety fast-moving minutes, Shanley creates four

blazingly individual people. DOUBT is a lean, potent drama…passionate, exquisite, important

and engrossing." —NY Newsday.

"A beautifully balanced drama. Shanley is a writer working at the top of his craft, making the most of a muted but evocative palette in the pursuit of truth's shadows. Here, for the first time in a long time, is a play that is about something."

—Chicago Tribune.


Looking for a musical director to work with the artistic director for Irving Belin’s White Christmas, performance will be at the end of November .                                                         For more information please contact Lucille at 570-325-4368 or